Friday, July 03, 2009

Antiques Are Green

Just Out ~ This article was profiled about us in the July issue of the Wacoan Magazine all about local business being green. This photo was taken "Painstakingly Funny". The corn is growing right down the road from our home. For those of you who know my husband, imagine him on the side of the road at the edge of corn rows standing on a table (he custom built) holding a chandelier steady so it won't move with a camera crew all around holding up reflectors and such. He was such a great sport about the whole thing. Everyone who drove by slowed down and honked. Guess you had to bee there!

Bloom & Bee Swanky
An Ensemble of Unexpected Finds

Antiquers are the original recyclers! Just imagine the immeasurable amount of stuff we've saved from the landfills. Reusing Antiques to decorate makes a very green statement both from the recycling standpoint and your wallet! If you are finding yourself with less discretionary money these days, NOW is the perfect time to purchase antiques! Buying Antiques, you receive an item of far better quality, for less money, than purchasing a “New” or “Made Overseas” item. Going Green can also keep your dollar in our local community. Bloom & Bee Swanky proudly offers unexpected finds that can be repurposed in your home. Custom tables are made from locally reclaimed wood and a wide selection of vintage chandeliers can grace your homes as they have for others of decades past. They have a vast assortment of vintage linens and china. Starting at only $2 each, you’ll feel great about piling them up yet reusing beautiful items from the bygone era. Go see Bloom & Bee Swanky’s ever-changing inventory of the original recyclables!

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