Thursday, March 24, 2011

Items of the week - Two for one

Since I have been soooo busy lately and not at the shop much working on Estate Sales, You are getting Two for One  - Items of the week!

I wanted to first say thank-you for everybody who came to visit us during the Hillsboro Antique Show.  It was one of the best shows I have ever done!  For the first two hours Becky and I never stopped writing tickets.  We were almost wiped out.  I sold every single piece of furniture I took.  For those of you who came later in the day - our booth was pretty pitiful.  All of the other dealers were super nice and I look forward to doing it again next time. 

We love selling vintage lockers.  This week we have two separate styles both on sale for less than $100 each.  We have the white one at the foot of a bed and they make such unique storage containers for almost anything.

I found this old Iron table base the perfect shade of aqua rusty blue.  I didn't have to due a thing to it.  I love when that happens.  Matt inserted a wood top made from reclaimed wood and voila ~!  I'll have a hard time letting this one go.

This is very late notice, but there is still time left to let Waco know you love shopping with us!  Please click the graphic above and fill out the servery.  You have to do it by tomorrow and at least 50% of it has to bee filled out for your vote to count.  We would really appreciate it! 

Praising God at Billy Bob's? - A Glorious Weekend Review

As promised, here is how we spent our anniversary weekend in Fort Worth.  I tend not to share much personal information on this blog and try to keep it all business, so I am reaching out of my comfort zone because so many of you ask to see more posting about me.  Not much to tell, but here goes a try...

 We planned our weekend around this!

I have been a huge fan of Josh Turner for the last several years.  When I found out a few months ago he was going to bee in Texas on our anniversary - well there was no other choice to what we would bee doing to celebrate. 

It was pitch black dark and I couldn't see the settings on my camera, plus I was way too busy jumping around to take too many good photos anyway.  So many of Josh's songs have such a deep personal meaning to us.  Music is a huge part of my life.  Did you know I started out studying music first in college?  Anyway, there is no other artist that comes close to Josh in my book.  Having South Carolina Roots in my family, I grew up listening to blue grass and old country music.  Josh captures all those feelings yet while remaining completely modern.   I can listen to his music over and over again and NEVER get tired of it.  Have you ever heard songs that leave you with lump in the bottom of your throat and inspires you to do better in Love?  Well, that is exactly how he leaves me feeling. 

Today I am listneing to Lovin' You on My Mind.   Click here and play number 5.

He is such an honorable family man too and a true role model.  You can tell how appreciative he is of his family and his love for the Lord, by reading the credits on any of his albums.   Here he is on stage with his wife Jennifer, who plays with him and does background vocals.  At the end of the show he introduced her as his best friend. 

I was blessed with an opportunity to meet him backstage.  So very few got passes, so I was lucky.  Here I am with Josh, flat hair (no hair product - I left it all at home)  greasy face and all - the real me!  Look at that smile.  I swear the man doesn't take a bad picture.  I also learned that we are exactly the same age with our birthdays only a few weeks apart. 

I had never been to Billy Bob's Texas before and had no idea what to expect!  It is known as the world's largest honky tonk!  To me it is a typical Texas Bar - but huge on steroids with indoor bull riding and more.  Are you questioning the title of this post?  Imagine being under the smokey neon lights raising your hands and listening to a thousand or more people singing to God in unison.  Josh sang Me and God, Jesus is the Answer and Long Black Train to name a few and it was an awesome, chill raising experience to be praising in such a venue!

Here we are after the show with his bus in the background.  I'm holding my autographed picture and YES, I suppose I have become officially one of "THOSE" people.  Matt was such a good sport about the whole thing putting up with my silliness!

Garry and Jeannie, my sister and brother -in law, celebrated with us and afterwards we took a late night stroll around the historic Fort Worth Stock Yards together. 

We started out the day sending prayers to Shop Girl Amy J. as she ran the Bearathon, her first 13 mile half marathon.  She has been training so hard for this and we are so proud of her of achievement!  I need her in my life as she is such a silent witness inspiring me to bee more healthy.

We then headed up to Hico to Homestead which has seem to have become an anniversary tradition now for us.  We have been doing that for years before we ever knew who Mike and Brenda were.  Now we have become such good friends and are more blessed to know them. 

I purchased this Victorian pansy print which has an antique man's portrait on the back to add to my pansy wall collection and look at what she gave me as a Generous anniversary gift.  Edwardian compotes that go with my plates with BEES on them.  I have never seen this pattern before and it is not marked.  If anyone knows what it is, please let me know as I would love to add to my collection.  We then headed to Stephenville which is where we first met and fell in Love!

We ate dinner here, Lounge Style, at the Fort Worth Blue Sushi Sake Grill.  We were able to snuggle on leather sofa with full service and it was quite romantic and super delicious. I loved finally sharing good sushi with Matt.  I also got to try some very good varieties of sakes.  This is my new favorite restaurant.  Why or Why can't Waco have something like this?

One of my customers told me about this event.  This show only featured local Etsy Fort Worth Crafters and I was able to find two artists I love whose work will soon bee featured at Bee Swanky.

Right next to the Etsy Bazaar, a Flea Market was going on.  Well you know me, we had to go.  I don't know why I didn't know about this before, but it happens every weekend.  It is is one of the animal barns and is FREE.  I found a nice gathering of things including an 1800's bisque Rechnagel doll, a tooled beautiful 1930's leather purse, brown tranfserware plates, strings of vintage glass pearls,  and so much more which is all now for sale at Bloom & Bee Swanky. 

Another interesting fact about me is I have a fascination about tornadoes.  I have seen every tornado movie at least twice and I love watching storm stores and reading tornado novels.  This movie was spectacular watching on the Imax dome which was all around you.   I highly recommend it.

On our way home we spent some time in a Woodcraft store.  I had to let Matt indulge a bit since he spoiled me rotten this weekend.  He found some things he couldn't live without.  Thank goodness there isn't one of these in Waco.  However, his purchases allow him to make this...

As soon as we got home, Bailey and I enjoyed visiting our new backyard neighbors while Matt put the finishing touches on this beauty.

We finished off our weekend delivering  this table (made from the wood reclaimed out of the Waco Trib Building)  and chairs to a family whom I hope make many memories with it for years to come. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

12 Years Ago ...

Photo taken on our honeymoon 1999
Twelve years ago today, on the first day of Spring, I became this man’s wife.

I dislike celebrating my birthdays, but I loooove celebrating our anniversaries. This year we decided not to buy each other gifts, but to spend a weekend out together just being “US” for the first time in a long time. We had a wonderful weekend in Forth Worth (more on that later), but looking back on our time together through our reminiscent conversations, I realized I first loved him for all the wrong reasons.

Matt, this quote says all…

“I was so young, lost, scared, alone and confused... desperate to find my place in this world.
But we found it ... together ... in our saviors arms.  It hasn't always been easy as the Lord has pruned us, changed us and taught us His ways.”

Thank-you for beeing my husband and thank-you for your true unconditional love you give me every day. I look forward to our next year of marriage as I honestly seem to love your more each day! Thank for you beeing the man that leads us in prayer together to our father as he brings us closer together with OUR family!

Xoxo AmyBeth

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hillsboro Antique Show This Weekend!

Come and join us this Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 - 6:00 in Hillsboro, Texas!

We are doing this show a little different and taking tons and I mean tons of smalls.  Our booth will bee for the true collector and antique lover at heart.  We have a LARGE booth and it will bee full of quality antique composition and bisque dolls, vintage baby items, ironstone, glamorous vintage jewels, old wedding memorabilia,  sparkling glassware such as apothecary jars and cake stands, dainty monogrammed vintage linens, lingerie, lace and so much more pretty feminine items.  We will also have a table of delectable gentleman's items too.  Please stop by and introduce yourself.  It is FREE to attend and on Saturday they are having a classic car show and wine tasting. 
Bee Seeing Ya!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Item of the Week March 7, 2011

Just In, this wonderful old metal filing cabinet. It has the most beautiful patina which was hard to capture in the photo and each one of those pulls open a new cubby.    It would make a fantatic statement piece for your home office.  Keeping this short as we are busy gathering things to take to the Hillsoboro Antique Show this weekend.  Check back tomorrow for the details.