Monday, October 19, 2009

Homestead Antique Fair in HICO, Texas

You won't bee hearing much of me while we get ready for this exciting event. I will post photos after the show, so please check back then!

Come One, Come All to Homestead's Tent Sale and Antique Fair in Hico, Texas

This Weekend October 23-25 10:00 - 5:30

Look for us in the Giant Circus tent adjacent to the Homestead Store in the architectural yard.
Particpaing dealers include - Bloom & Bee Swanky - Waco Texas, Bountiful - Ft. Worth, The Screen Door - Bluff Dale, Willownest - Burton, K Roberts - Fredericksburg, The Shabby "Y" - Ft. Worth, Sweetpea Collections - Athens, Sisters Secrets - Ft. Worth, Enterpise - Ft. Worth, Christie Nelson - Plano, Ranch Works - Hico, Colleen Irvin - Hico and I know a few more have since been added to the list.

If you have never been to Hico this is the perfect time to visit. You can make a day of it strolling along quaint shops and eating great food including Wiseman House Chocolates.

Bee Seeing You!


  1. I REALLY want to come to that but, it is the same weekend as our Trade Days that I paid to have a space at. So, darn I don't get to come see you there. I am bummed but, maybe next year. I will be down to see the store for Christmas though. I want to see what you have set up. Hope that Hico is a great event for you.

  2. Amy, I tried to work this show into my schedule this weekend, but just won't be able to. But, I've made plans to come out and see you the first Saturday in November, hope you'll be there, T

  3. Ok Amy, that does it. A change of plans. I was going to Lonestars just to see Felicia of Bountiful, but now that I see she's at the show, I'm coming!! See you there.

  4. I just found your blog and I love your store! I have a small boutique in Oklahoma and was wondering where you purchase your soap with the bee and honeycomb? It looks so rich! Glad I found you I will be back soon, Paula

  5. i'll be seeing you there tomorrow! i'm so excited!

  6. so how was the show? updates, please -


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