Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just of Few of the Swanky Faces...

As usual, I am late getting out all the details of the last few weeks. Check back often as the next several entries I will bee playing catch up including all the photos from our Shows and our Holiday Open House Preview Party.

I wanted to Thank each and every one of you who came out Thursday Night and all weekend long. Words cannot describe how in awe I was of your attendance. I had free gifts for the first 100 customers through the door. That is Beverly handing out tickets to redeem as the line out front before we opened was piling up. I thought surely that would bee enough. At last count we had 240+ ~ WOW!

Here's Shop Girl Amy J. with her sweet mother Janette who drove several hours to celebrate with us.

Here I am with Dolly...

Just for Fun - Here I am with Dolly the day of our Grand Opening at my First Location many years ago. My, how we have changed.

Me with Matt - My Rock!


  1. Your store is awesome! So glad you are right across from work! Love my earrings I bought at your Open House!

  2. Congratulations on a great event with a terrific turn out! Here’s to successful holiday season!
    - Linda

  3. Love the store & the open house was so much fun! I found the perfect little bed for my daughter too!

  4. we had a WONDERFUL TIME! i left my camera card at home and have not posted pics of the event for this reason only! i will miss you so much! :-(


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