Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting Ready ... SALE!

During my long absence I was fortunate enough to travel to major markets and antique shows and I can't wait to unveil all what we have found for you for Spring. In order to prepare we are cleaning up and clearing out.

75% of YES 75% off Remaining Christmas and other marked items
50 % selected Floral, Insulated Lunch Hand bags and more
30% of ALL Dwell Studio Bedding - only a few left at this price
25% off Tokyo Milk Lip Kits just in time for Valentines Day
25-40% off ALL CANDLES
50% off Bella Cucina Gourmet
Our Designer Paper Wraps/Posters Now $3.00
More Markdowns all over including Furniture

As you know, we rarely offer discounts as our prices offered are very fair and we have so many one-of-a-kind finds that never last long - so these are crazy low prices. If there is something else in the store that you have had your eye on now is the time to ask and I will help you if I can THIS WEEK ONLY through Jan 23rd.

I have tuck loads and pallets full of new products both new and old that will bee trickling in over the next 2 months and everything listed above must go to make room. The girls and I will bee cleaning out the stock room bringing every last item out and completely rearranging the store. Debi and I have big plans including a new color palette, moving our check out area and even an indoor garden area so you will want to stop in often to see what is up our sleeves.
Tunnels Connecting Two of the Buildings at the Atlanta Market connecting never ending hallways of showrooms
I had the pleasure of taking Shop Girl Amy J. with me to Atlanta for a few days. I am so glad I did though she may feel otherwise. The day after we arrived I came down with something terrible. You know that kind of sickness that hits you in the face suddenly out of nowhere leaving you non functioning. It landed me in the hospital during an historic ice storm in downtown and I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. As an interior design major she was so looking forward to her first trip to market and even though she didn't get to see much of it she never complained, not once! I have the best staff and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

As Jessica Says, "The Happy End" !


  1. Hey Bee girl,
    Thanks for the comment & suggestion on my window. I like your idea of layering. I like to do that with plates, ala anthropologie.
    I need to take a day & head over to your store. I love those floor lamps.
    PS I'm adding you to my blogroll.

  2. Gosh what a mess! An ice storm and Not getting to shop and on top of that SICK! Bad combo!So glad you had someone with you.
    looking forword to your goodies.
    smiles, alice

  3. Wow-

    I love that picture of the tunnels connecting- it looks so sci-fi doesn't it?

    Can't wait to see what you got...
    (dreaming from afar)



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