Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Our First Giveaway!!!

Very Simple

Simply sign up as follower to the BeeSwanky Blog, publicly ~ non-anonymously (so that I can see you are a follower and don't worry as I never post the followers on the blog for anyone else to see), and you will bee automatically entered to win one of three gift certificates to Bloom & Bee Swanky. One will bee given each week randomly for the next three weeks allowing plenty of time for you to start following us. If you are already a follower you are already entered! These gift certificates can bee used in store, redeemed by calling in if you see something here on our blog you are interested in or used at any of our upcoming shows. The winner will bee notified by e-mail and will also bee posted here. So what are you waiting for...?
OK - To make it even easier, rather than clicking the top follow tab,to follow us Click HERE


  1. Hello there... I am already a follower. So put me down to receive this FABULOUS certificate :) pleeeeze
    I hope your day is SANKY ;)


  2. Amy, unless I am missing it, I don't see the option to be able to follow you. The follow tab isn't there? Or, did I miss it?

  3. I'm loving the blog! Cute photos of you guys, too. Who took them?

  4. Gina with Studio M here in Waco is our staff photographer. She is a joy to work with. However, when she is not available I do them myslef using my simple my point and shoot camera.

  5. Done :) Thanks! andreanathan at aol dot com

  6. I'm all signed up and ready to win!

  7. Very exciting.... I love your shop!!


  8. So pretty!
    Oh my gosh I love your store...

    Wish I lived closer!

  9. LOVE your site and your blog. Hope to get back to Waco someday!


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