Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Merry Christmas Thank You to you ALL!

This year's Holiday Preview Party had the biggest turn out ever. I was in awe of all of you, many of whom traveled long distances to begin the holidays with us while we celebrated five years in business.

We gave out gifts to the first 100 customers through the door and some were in line nearly an hour before we opened. Jackie handed out every one of them in the first few minutes we were open.

Not only did we set out our holiday decor, but we did a complete rearrange of the whole store including moving our check out area and new paint on the walls. It was a bit of a huge undertaking, but you know me ... I always feel we can do it all. With the help of my phenomenal staff who worked with me side by side for three solid days, we nearly accomplished it. The following week we continued putting out new Christmas every single day and new gift items are going out every day still through Christmas.

Chef Kevin, from Wiseman House greeted each customer with yummy chocolates.

Amy J's newest creation all made from phone book pages

Amy J insisted that I enjoy myself and visit with you all and would not let me work behind the counter in spite of the long lines. Every year we have done this, it is like a fog the next day and I can't remember it. Just like a bride with all the planning and then hardly remembers the wedding. This time I savored every moment and am so thankful and blessed for each of you.

My favorite item of the season - this wonderful star burst mirror Matt made from old fence pickets. These lights will bee seen at the new Vitek's restaurant dining area along with many other wonderful antique items I can't wait to share with you!

I didn't get my camera out at all that night and relied on other's photos. A special thanks to Anne Story for helping me with photos, Kim at Bloomingals for the prettiest floral arrangements we have ever seen, (She nailed the shop's personality perfectly and we highly recommend her) Steven for the wonderful live music, Rebekah Trimble for the fabulous food, all the shop girls for never complaining and doing what needed to get done, and my wonderful husband Matt for staying up with me into the wee hours for many nights helping and supporting me. Without you - there would bee no Bee Swanky!


  1. "Hats" off to you for a successful open house...kudos to Matt for a Fab U Lous mirror and to Amy J...once again you knocked my socks off!

  2. Oh now I wish I could have made it, it all looked so festive and beautiful.


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