Monday, February 14, 2011

NEW!!! Item of the Week February 14 2011 - Romantic House TOO!

We are going to get back on track again with featuring the item of the week with the help of shop girl Amy J.  Check back here every Monday to see something new featured from Bloom & Bee Swanky.

In the spirit of Love today,  we are featuring some handcrafted, personalized, precious creative bits from my most loved customer, friend and fellow Bee Lady Mrs. Becki Steakley.

Ephemera Extraordinaire Valentine Garlands

Not only do we have them for Valentine's day (only a few left), but in other fabulous choices as well including vintage business, vintage creams and more.  They are so fun to drape anywhere you need some more JOY in your home!  They are all punched out from new and old papers, documents and found objects, sewn with love and packaged perfectly.  As for those of you who know her, "packaging is everything!"  They measure a generous 10 feet long and are available for $14.99.  They are all one-of-a-kind and sold exclusively with us at Bloom & Bee Swanky!

Check out her blog, Wordfind Magic, and tell her Bee Swanky Sent Ya!

 My Favorite Hobby in the entire world is looking at houses.  It doesn't matter in what form either through Magazines, home tours, simple drive by's,  I do it as often as I can.   I came across this home on the  Simply - Chateau Blog a few weeks ago and can't stop thinking about it.  Located in the French Countryside on a Charming Farm, it is so enchanting that it makes me want to plan a vacation there and hunt it down to see it in person.  It is so romantic with a sad story that you can read about  here on her blog.  I had an actual dream about this home this very Valentine Morning and thought maybe some of you would appreciate seeing it as well

 "...Divine Oeil de boeuf zinc windows and that sweet little bell....."
"....pointy roofs, zinc finials...tall stone chimnies and tiny windows....."
"A turret that houses a twisting stone staircase..."

Do you have a dream home that haunts you when you sleep or I am the only crazy one?


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