Friday, August 07, 2009

Party Review from the "254"

Our Open House ~ Hand Made in the 254 ~ was held last weekend and I want to thank everyone who came out. We had people drive in from all parts of the state to visit us and I was shocked at the turnout and support for this Indie Girl Shop. I was so busy behind the cash wrap most of the weekend trying to soak it all in and forgot to get my camera out but for only a couple of shots. Luckily Gina stopped by and took a few for me. Below is only a few of our very special customers who have all become friends and bits and pieces of some of our new vignettes.
Dolly, my second mother, I dedicate this Blog to you...

Pat Moss - left and Dolly Dameron -right

Dolly is the founder of Shabby Tiques which is where I got my start that lead me into running the formal . I can't even begin to explain the influence and friendship she has given me over these last 9 years. Without her there would bee NO Bloom & Bee Swanky! She is truly the most beautiful person I know inside and out and she has taught me everything I know about this odd business of vintage retail.

Mary Boyd - Left Mrs. Becki - Right ~ A future post on this lady to come

I am blessed to have finally found the perfect Shop Girl
Amy J.

Golden Keyes Parsons, Book Signing

She SOLD OUT of books! - YEAH!

Paper Wings Designs Artists Jessica and Mary during their Trunk Show! If you didn't get a chance to stop by during the Open House, we will continue to have their art for Sale. You need to come see what New Birds have flown in!
Future Excited Bee Swanky Shopper in Training at our Cash Wrap!

Rebekah, our Newest lovely Shop Girl (shown far right) showing a group of girls our selection of Vintage Belgium Lace Draperies!
Rebekah is superior in Customer Service.

Summer Ellis showing a customer a custom piece of jewelry made just for her!

Debi Pick, Our Staff Merchandiser popped in on Saturday Morning to help me twirl the displays again after so much furniture went out the door on Friday. This is one talented lady who I owe many creative displays to and she never seases to amaze me. After a Junkin Trip, I unload my truck with whatever I happen upon, a hodge podge of stuff really, no thought process or plan. In no time, she makes it look like a million dollars. So my secret is OUT! She can do the same for your home too - Call us for details.

Our Famous Soap Maker, Daniel Benes, soon to bee world renowned on a future reality TV Show in the making.

Cathy Hill - left and Glass Artist Kim Whitney - Right. Sorry Kim for the blurriness!

Baylor Students, Come One Come All
We have those one-of-a-kind Finds for your dorms and apartments!

I leave you with a shot of Beverly (Mrs. Becki in the background ). I suppose you would call Beverly my manager (without the manager pay). She does everything for me including cleaning, making sure my bills are paid on time, helping with the shop girls, filing, following up with customers and vendors, you name it.... I couldn't run this shop without her. There is never a day that goes by that we don't talk on the phone at least three times. Her husband is always saying, "I didn't know we had a red headed daughter". She is also one of my best friends and I value her guidance as she always helps me through the hard times. She hates having her photo taken, so you have to bee very sneaky. This is how she looks all the time - always laughing and never without a smile on her face. Bev- Here's to many more Junkin Trips down the Road!


  1. So glad you've posted pic of your shop. I've been wondering how it's looking these days...beautiful as usual!

  2. Wonderful, vibrant shop! I love the creativity.


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