Friday, August 21, 2009

What's New This Week?

Tall Queen Anne Vintage Writing Desk with Pigeon Holes and tons of storage (Shown far Left)

We got these in a couple of weeks ago and can't seem to keep them in stock. Our favorite, Milk Lip Balm, now comes in a stick. It has SPF15 and truly relieves chapped, cracked and wind burned lips. We're all hooked.

Our Mixed Media Department has gotten a few newly restocked vintage ephemeras including these skeleton keys...

these wonderful vintage coat check numbered 2 part tickets...

these vintage typewriter keys...

and these Vintage French and English Vocabulary Cards plus much more

Vintage Rolling Drink Cart with Glass Shelves ~ Great for the Hollywood Glam Look

Shop Girl Amy J. has been at it again.

A while back I saw the most fabulous dress made from tissue paper attached to a wire dress form on the Curious Sofa Blog (I can't seem to find it now - but know it is located there somewhere on one of my favorite reads). Just recently I saw another eye opener paper dress made from phone book pages on the Kazashop Blog. Here is our version. Thanks for the inspiration ladies! This antique wire dress form was dug out from the attic from a very old home on Austin Ave. here in Waco. It is not a reproduction though is in near mint condition. I gave Amy J. a stack of our recycled tissue paper from our cash wrap and sent her home with very minimal instructions. I couldn't believe my eyes with what she created and YES it is for SALE!!!


  1. 0k I now convinced that Amy J. is a designer in hiding. She needs to be discovered and what a better way to discover her then to send her to Warrenton to help me!! I know I've said this before, but she really is so talented. Amy J. do you realize that? Wow, what a beautiful work of art. You might also check old issues of Victoria Magazine, I think I saw some pics of paper dresses there too. Happy Junkin, T

  2. Hi T. and Tami - Yes I am blessed to have finally found the perfect staff. They are all so creative and such hard workers. This past summer has been so productive as we are all talented in different areas working like a fine oiled machine. Debi makes diamonds out of rusty crusty finds and Amy J. has a newly discovered talent. She is Baylor student studying Interior Design and I thought it would bee a fun project for her to keep all of our mannequins dressed and changing week to week. I think she is only beginning to discover her true calling and it makes me so proud to watch her Bloom with us at Bee Swanky. I feel a career change in the future for her. Wish I could keep her forever!

  3. Wow! The dress is AMAZING and I love your other finds too. I wish I lived closer!
    Diane T.

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out---I actually love yours much more than mine! :o)

    Stunning and swanky! :o)


  5. That mannequin left me speechless. I must have stared at it for 5 minutes...LOL I was just on the phone with your shop and now I think I see something else I'm intersted in! Oh dar..please let me know if you still have the coat check tickets and how many you have. Thanks so much!



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