Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Show Update

Hey Guys - After working the shop everyday this week on my foot with crutches, I decided against going to the Blog Party Today. I really want to hit Marburger and a few others next week - but everything in my body hurts and if I don't get off my foot for a day of rest I really won't make it. This pains me in more way than one, because this truly is going to bee the best Blog Party Theresa has ever hosted. Let me know if you attended and how it went!!!


  1. Sorry you hurt your foot and can not make the party. I wish I lived closer and could attend the party. Maybe in Oct......sandi

  2. Sending you positive vibes for the speedy healing of your foot! Take good care of yourself.

  3. Amy, I was wondering about you. Hope you are better and so missed you!! Maybe see you at Marburger.

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  5. I'm so sorry you weren't there, I would have loved to have met you!

    I'll just have to pop in your shop when I come up to visit Troy and Robelyn and Marta soon.

    Healing prayers for your foot, I had my own broken toe drama recently, no fun!



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