Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hico Show Review and a few New things in store...

Lots of Photos ~ As promised here are a few photos from the Homestead Antique Show and a few new things in store too.
As you know, our store has very little color, but this time we went with purples. It must have been HIS plan because it all just fell into place and not something I wold have normally done. We have brought some of it back into the store and I have to say, accented with grays, I am loving it!
The highlight of the booth was this paper dress made entirely out of phone book pages from now the infamous shop girl Amy J. I saw one awhile back on the KAZA blog but she did not. I sent her home with a mannequin, some pins, a phone book and no other direction and this is what she brought back. It is hard to see all the details in the photo. I sold her to another dealer at the show, but never fear, we will have another one at our upcoming Holiday Open House.

This giant antique secretary stands nearly 9 feet tall. If it would fit into my house it would bee mine. I love all the display opportunity and it comes with even extra shelves.

We found a pair of these antique upholstered purple chairs with older fabric and then this yummy purple bedding arrived that Amy J. picked out at Atlanta Market for me when I was ill last time. I then found this giant antique purple transferware bowl, a peddler came in with the most beautiful purple glass, Kim at Bloomingals gave us tons of pretty dried purple hydrangeas and at Laverty's I found some older house blue prints - which are all actually purple and I made decoupaged walls out of them for the back of our booth. Whew, that's a long sentence! Like I said it all just fell into place.

Just in - this old primitive cabinet top with perfect original crackle paint

Glass vases with portrait scenes on them - these Really would make a nice gift

Old double basin wash tub - if it doesn't sell before the open house, you will see it full of ice and beer


Script panels and pillows

Old children's shoe cobbler molds I painted chrome, adorned with vintage jewels and glued on a dowel, stand and Voila

Our Fall scented Candles in all sizes are fully stocked and the Christmas scents are on the way!

Who needs a dust ruffle if you have a collection of attractive old books?

Ms. Reba brought me in what looks like old metal chicken feeders, but they are actually the insides of old fire extinguishers, and I knew exactly what I wanted to make out of them as soon as I saw them- pendant lights!
This old HEAAVVY iron bed was nothing much more than a pile of rust until I got my hands on it.

Sadly, I can never remember to take out my camera at shows as I am too busy thinking about set up. These photos were taken after many items had already sold, including some antique items that Jewel, yes the singer, purchased! We play her music in the shop, including the Lullaby CD we sell - and I couldn't believe it.

I love this simply painted, nothing fancy about it grey chest, so much that I am now rethinking everything in my home.

Restored old Medical cabinet with original thick beveled glass

Decorated old photo with vintage clock face collar

Mr. Swanky Bull was the first thing that sold

The famous Miss Brandie setting up her booth. Bee Sure not to miss her and Mickie this weekend at their beautiful Ranch for the Accumulations Show. These are truly some of the nicest women in the biz and you feel Christ's love radiating from all they do without them ever saying a word. Actions truly speak louder than words.

The master with her work of art!


  1. Amy, so good to see you. Hope your open house is a great one!

  2. i would love to come to your open house! just to far away!

  3. Amy once again the talent in Waco just blows me away. Hard to believe you did all that on looks wonderful.
    Amy J. is an amazing talent. If she hasn't already...she needs to start a portfolio. Her work is art and should be on display at a gallery!

  4. So lovely to hear you mention Christ... I think I found your site by way of Victoria Magazine.


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