Sunday, March 20, 2011

12 Years Ago ...

Photo taken on our honeymoon 1999
Twelve years ago today, on the first day of Spring, I became this man’s wife.

I dislike celebrating my birthdays, but I loooove celebrating our anniversaries. This year we decided not to buy each other gifts, but to spend a weekend out together just being “US” for the first time in a long time. We had a wonderful weekend in Forth Worth (more on that later), but looking back on our time together through our reminiscent conversations, I realized I first loved him for all the wrong reasons.

Matt, this quote says all…

“I was so young, lost, scared, alone and confused... desperate to find my place in this world.
But we found it ... together ... in our saviors arms.  It hasn't always been easy as the Lord has pruned us, changed us and taught us His ways.”

Thank-you for beeing my husband and thank-you for your true unconditional love you give me every day. I look forward to our next year of marriage as I honestly seem to love your more each day! Thank for you beeing the man that leads us in prayer together to our father as he brings us closer together with OUR family!

Xoxo AmyBeth


  1. What a sweet picture! Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you are having a great year at the shop. We had our Spring Open House yesterday..lots of work but rewarding. Stop by the blog sometime, and if you ever come to San Diego, please give me a heads up!

  2. AmyBeth ~
    Happy Anniversary!!
    I have heard so many wonderful
    things about Bloom and Bee Swanky ~
    I just have to come visit soon ~



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