Tuesday, September 08, 2009

bye bye Bertha

Brenda James owner of Homestead, stopped in and purchased Bertha. It was sad to see her go, but I know she will make lots of friends in her new home full of Texas Chic opulent displays. If you have never visited Homestead, RUN there. It is truly the most fabulous shop. My husband and I have made it a tradition to stop in there on our anniversary trips and some of my most favorite pieces in my home have come from there.

Mark Your Calendars
I will bee setting up at an Antique Fair hosted by Homestead in Hico - October 24-26. I have started saving back some special pieces to take there and I will post more details about this special event soon!

After the Croft Art Gallery Opening, I did a late night stroll by our shop. I love the way the words in our windows reflected on the store merchandise. I wanted to share this little piece of our magical world with you!

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  1. I've emailed Homestead for info about the Antique Fair. I've been wanting to go there since I found out there's one in Hico. I LOVE(D) the one in F.burg. Is it even still there? Anyway... I might be interested in also being a vendor if they're still accepting vendors. I also can't wait to stop by your store. I don't get to Waco often but it's only about 45 minutes from where i live.


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