Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where the Heck has Amy Been?

HERE ...

I have been out of town the last week attending the Las Vegas World Market. I was thrilled to find some fantastic new finds to offer you for the holidays. As soon as I got back Beverly and I headed down the road to the famous Antique Alley for an afternoon Junkin Trip. We only had a few hours to make this trip but made a haul.

When we were unloading, Bev said, "It already looks like a booth" - so I grabbed my camera and took these snaps at only a few of the unexpected finds we found. We found a road side farm stand that grew these little perfectly round little pumpkins. Hurry in as we already have all of this out in the shop and many things have already sold!

My favorite find of the day ... a framed 1905 cover of Ladies Home Journal Magazine.
Strange ~Women in Caps and Gowns carrying Pumpkins

I picked up tons of jewelry including stings of pearls, vintage sterling pieces, more Owls, cameos and much more. I love this antique pull out beveled shaving mirror.

As you stroll down the streets of Vegas, you past down multiple arrays of fountains. I leave you with a view of my husband making a wish in front of this one - I couldn't resist the bees!


  1. Looks like you had fun in Vegas. I went to Antique Alley too. Didn't buy much but, it was fun. Some places were still pretty muddy. And here we have more rain today. WOW! You'd never know this was Texas would you? Gotta get down to see you. Been planning to but, each week just slips by. Going to Round Top next week. Are you?

  2. love all the pictures.....and your whole blog.... you texas girls have so much fun!!!! ann


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